How do I clean the Kona Adapter Kits?

1. Leave the Kona Adapter and Tubing inserted in the HVE valve and turn on the vacuum.

2. Spray water into the Kona Adapter and Tubing for at least 5 seconds.

3. Spray and wipe the Kona Adapter and Tubing with disinfectant.

4. Autoclave the Kona Adapter and Tubing once per week.  Time and temperature will vary among the many types and brands of autoclaves. Check your owner’s manual for specifics. In essence, it should be sterilized the same way you sterilize common metal dental instruments.


Do you offer student discounts or bulk deals?

No. The listed prices are far below retail cost.


Do you sell Isolite/Zyris or DryShield mouthpieces?

No. Mouthpieces must be purchased from Zyris or DryShield.


Does the Kona Adapter Kits fit the larger (16mm) European style HVE valves?

Yes.  All you need is a simple 16mm to 11mm adapter to connect the Kona Adapter (11mm OD) to your larger HVE valve (16mm ID).


Do you offer a Return Policy?

Yes. 60 days from the date of purchase.


Do you sell the Kona Adapter Kit components separately?

Yes. Contact me for instructions to receive a PayPal invoice for your exact order. The below prices include free shipping.

Kona Adapter 2.0: $60

Kona Adapter DS: $60

Kona Adapter Tubing Kit (4ft. of medical grade silicone tubing w/ stainless steel elbow): $60


If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to Contact Me